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Vol 9 Iss 5 May 2010
*May Meeting - First Hand Look at the new iPad and Pages Presentation
*TCMUG Membership Structure for 2010 - JOIN TODAY! As low as $15.
*Web Site Links and News of Interest
*Freeware Spotlight - Gimp
*MAC OS X Tips - Emptying iPhoto's stubborn trash
*Mac Software Spotlight - Special Offer – iWork Pages’ amazing templates: 20% discount
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========== MAY MEETING ==========
Saturday, May 15th 2:00-4:00PM - We are going to get a first hand look at the new iPad. Blane will be giving us and up close look at the latest from Apple. Marilyn will be reviewing some cool features in Pages.
We will also be covering the latest industry news, a Q & A session and of course looking at web site resources. See you there!!
We will be meeting at the East Central Ohio Educational Service Center on East High Avenue in New Philadelphia. Click here http://www.ecoesc.org/p/ for directions.v

========== SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS ==========
Too Many Passwords to Remember? 25% MUG Discount!!
1Password takes care of all your online passwords so you can use strong and unique passwords for every site and never forget any of them! Here are just a few of the unique features of 1Password:
* Enters online usernames and passwords so that you don't have to remember them.
* Strong Password Generator automatically creates and fills passwords.
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In short, 1Password keeps track of all your web passwords, automates sign-in, guards from identity theft, and allows you to stop worrying about your safety while online. 1Password is a priceless utility for only $39.95 with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
This link is our standing MUG member 25% discount link as well, so you can feel free to distribute it to your members.

========== TCMUG MEMBERSHIP FOR 2010 - TIME TO JOIN! ==========
We continue to work very hard to make it an exciting year for all local Mac users. We currently have a small dues structure. Membership in the TCMUG will cost $20.00 annually for a regular membership and will include a monthly newsletter, a special "members only" section of the web site, monthly meetings, a lending library, discounts on software, hardware and books and much, much more! You can visit our web site to get all of the features and benefits at http://www.tcmug.org/aboutus.html
We are offering three membership levels for 2010. There will be a regular membership at $20 per year and we will have student membership (K-12 & College) at $15 per year and a senior citizen (60+ years old) at $15 per year. All levels of membership will enjoy the benefits of belonging to the TCMUG.
Please contact any of the officers if you would have any questions regarding membership and the associated dues. http://www.tcmug.org/contactus.html
We have an online membership form that you are able to download. You can download the form at: http://www.tcmug.org/tcmug_memberapp.pdf

Review: Adobe Illustrator CS5
With new brushes, variable-width strokes, and numerous enhancements, is Illustrator CS5 worth the upgrade price? We put it all in perspective (literally).
Must-Have iPad App for Outdoor Photographers
LightTrac calculates the sun's elevation and direction over any outdoor subject at any time of day. You can use the app to scout for new locations ahead of time. The sun's azimuth and elevation changes throughout the year depending on which hemisphere you are located, so LightTrac is useful even if you think you know your spots well.
Review: Adobe Photoshop CS5
The twenty-year-old Photoshop was created in another era of computing, and that's beginning to show. However, just about every Photoshop user will find something to love in the new CS5.
Coming June 19th to Canton!!
Apple’s Dave Marra Outlines Mac User Group Appearances for the Coming Months - Including a visit to New Philadelphia with a combined meeting of TCMUG & Mac2Mug. Thanks to Kelli Swan for coordinating this!!
Apple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Marra continues his never-ending series of presentations to Mac User Groups and more. The latest additions to Dave’s calendar include:
Visit Dave's web site at http://marrathon.com/
Manage Photos on Your iPhone or iPad
Photo+Folder is a brand-new app that creates folders for the photos that it's so easy to accumulate on a mobile device.
How-To Cut Down and Set-Up a Non-AT&T SIM For Your iPad
Apple told us all the iPad was unlocked. We all heard it. But how do you get a Micro-SIM into your shiny new iPad 3G when only AT&T offers them?  Turns out all you need is some scissors and a steady hand.
We'll detail the procedure to create Micro SIM from a regular SIM with a T-Mobile SIM card* with a data plan. Before you ask, we tried using an AT&T SIM card from an iPhone and ended up being prompted to create a new data account once the SIM was cut down and inserted. Sad times.
Welcome to the May issue of About This Particular Macintosh!
The staff of ATPM (About This Particular Macintosh) is pleased to announce the release of issue 16.05 for May 2010.
Read it Online: http://www.atpm.com/16.05/
Download Links:
Offline Webzine
PDF (print-optimized)
Warm up to each issue of _ATPM_ with a brief welcome by Robert Paul Leitao and a spin of what's been going on that could affect your personal computing experience. This month: an examination of Apple's first-quarter fiscal results.

========== FREEWARE SPOTLIGHT - GIMP ==========
Photoshop Too Pricey? Save $$$ with Gimp
The newest installment of Photoshop is now available, but the price tag is probably out of reach for the average consumer. While Adobe undoubtedly delivers incredibly reliable and versatile products--not to mention user-friendly--there are free alternatives that can get the job done without breaking the bank. Take Gimp, for instance. This open source image retouching and graphics editing tool can emulate most of Photoshop's features at absolutely no cost to you. It recently became available for the Mac OS X operating system and now we're here to help you get acquainted.

========== MAC OS X TIPS - iPHOTO TRASH ==========
Emptying iPhoto's stubborn trash
A reader who wishes to remain nameless seeks a little iPhoto spring cleaning. Nameless-to-you writes:
There are 474 items in iPhoto's trash. I've been trying to empty that trash and it just won't. Do you have any suggestions for me in completing this task?
By way of background for others, let me explain that iPhoto has a trash separate from the Finder's trash. When you delete images in iPhoto, they go into this separate trash and they're not deleted from your Mac until you expressly tell iPhoto to empty the trash. You do this by Control (right) clicking on iPhoto's Trash icon and choosing Empty Trash from the contextual menu.
If you've tried that with no satisfactory results it's possible that you've hit a fairly common snag where iPhoto has difficulties deleting a lot of images in one go. The solution is to select all the images in the trash, assign an identifying keyword to them (I'd suggest "trash"), and then choose Photos - Restore to iPhoto Library. This, as you might imagine, places the trashed photos back in your iPhoto library.
Now choose File - New Smart Album, create an album with a condition that reads: Keyword is Trash, and click the OK button that creates the smart album. Select a hundred-or-so images in that smart album and press Command-Option-Delete. This tosses those images in the trash. Now use the Control (right) click trick to empty the trash. If successful, do the same thing with another hundred images. Keep going until the images are really gone.
If none of this works, iPhoto may have a touch of the corruption. Quit it, hold down Command and Option, and launch it. A Rebuild Photo Library window will appear. In this window you'll see a number of repair options. Start with the first one (Rebuild the Photos' Small Thumbnails) and give it a try. Check iPhoto after you've done this to see how it behaves. If it's still funky, give the next option in the Rebuild window a try. Rinse and repeat until iPhoto bends to your will.

Special Offer – iWork Pages’ amazing templates: 20% discount
FaCILISI.COM has templates exclusively for iWork Pages users. More than 1000 templates are available including brochures, flyers, postcards, posters, and more. It’s simple – you just add your own text and pictures to create amazing documents or professional-looking marketing materials.
This exclusive user group special offer is $7.99 for regularly $9.99 priced packs, or $15.99 for regularly $19.99 priced packs. Templates are sold singly so you can mix and match them according to your need, or by the pack.
See your user group Ambassador for discount code.
Purchase a pack (apply code at customer details page)
This worldwide offer is valid through July 31, 2010.

========== MUG CENTER STORE ==========
PowerMax.com, the engine behind The Apple MUG Store, is pleased to announce a new process for Apple user group members. Instead of going to www.applemugstore.com http://www.applemugstore.com/ to view a limited selection of items, members can now go directly to www.powermax.com http://www.powermax.com/ to peruse and purchase almost 50,000 products. By identifying the user group you belong to (either on an online order or over the phone), PowerMax will continue to accumulate points for your user group to use. In addition to great deals, free UPS shipping is offered on any order over $50 (US)!
Be sure to take advantage of this win/win deal! http://PowerMax.com/

========== SUBMITTING INFORMATION ==========
Have a software tidbit to share, a Mac related web site to suggest or a news piece to submit? Email me with all the information at kwarrene at tcmug dot org
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