February 2017 Meeting Notes

Here are the meeting notes from our meeting today. Thanks for those that attended todays informative session.

iOS Apps Reviewed
Garageband 2.2

Don’t forget about the iOS tips today on Night Shift – Compass – Medical ID

News items we discussed
New Beats X Earphones
iPhone WiFi Vulnerability Issue
Facebook Birthdays to Calendar

Dealing with Malware
Apple Support Article
Malwarebytes– Adware and Malware removal for Mac

Two Step Verification vs. Two Step Authentication
Two-factor authentication for Apple ID
Two-step verification for Apple ID
List of websites and whether or not they support 2FA.

Our Lifelong Learners 150 Web Site Resource – learn now!

We’ll see you at the March 18th meeting!!

January 2017 Meeting Notes

Meeting notes for your reference:

News items covered:
iPhone at 10 Years
App Store Records
Apple Insider
Apple’s TV Programming
Mac OS Sierra

Social Media Mobile Apps Covered (web sites below – but – get the app for your device):
We reviewed Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat & You Tube.

Our web sites reviewed – very appropriate for the time of year
Groundhog Day Valentines Day Gift Ideas Credit Karma Tax Site

iOS Apps reviewed (Thanks Marilyn!!) – just look for these in the App Store:
Scenes – Guess GIF – Mario Run – Umm – Crosswords – Pac Man 256 – Unstuck – Hangman

Also, our next meeting is February 18th, 2017! We’ll see you there.