November Meeting Notes

Here are our notes from todays meeting.

In our industry news section we reviewed the following:
Apple’s Q4 Results.
Garageband for iOS Update.
Clips updated of the iPhone X with Selfie Scenes.
KRACK Wi-Fi Vulnerability. Thanks to Tidbits for this article!

Our web sites we reviewed:
Word Mark – see a word or phrase in all of the fonts on your system. Cool!
Music Map – Find artists that are similar to one that your like.
My Fridge Food – recipes for items that are in your fridge.

An iOS app that we looked at. Are you a foodie? This may be for you. Paprika.

We looked at a cool application on our field trip across the hall to Mark’s office.
Character Animator.

We spent quite a bit of time going over Mac OS Sierra 10.12 tips, tidbits and system preferences. Always good to review these periodically. I always pick something up when working on these presentations!

See you on December 16th for our Christmas get together. Have a happy Thanksgiving!


October Meeting Notes

Here is a recap of our meeting on October 21st.

News Update:
*October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Learn more st Stay Safe Online web site. Great resources and tips available on their web site.
*Apple’s News – iOS 11 is out with updates to 11.0.3, there will be new emojis released with iOS 11.1, Mac OS High Sierra is out, Apple Series 3 Watch is out, the iPhone 8 & 8 Plus are out, but, there are rumors that production has been cut as people are waiting on the new iPhone X, Watch OS 4 is updated to 4.0.1
*The Rumor Mill – FaceID only in 2018, iPhone Stylus in 2019, the Foldable Phone is 2020.

*Jeff Butts with The Mac Observer presented iMazing and iMazing Mini to manage your iPhone. You can catch up with Jeff on his podcast show Terminal Tinkering.
*Mark presented iOS 11 on his iPad, showing us some of the nuances and changes from iOS 10.
*Marilyn presented TV apps like Amazon Prime, Hulu, NetFlix, AppleTV and a few free options out there like PlutoTV and CW Seed.

We’ll see you at the November meeting!

September Meeting Notes

Here are the notes from our meeting on Saturday the 16th.

We spent some time watching the introduction of the keynote from the Apple event on September 12th. Tim Cook officially opened the Steve Jobs Theater at the beginning of the keynote. It’s roughly the first 5 minutes of the keynote.

We spent time previewing the new iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus, the Apple Watch, Apple TV 4K, iOS 11, watchOS 4and the new Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.

Apple has announced the brand new data center in Iowa. Check out the news release here. 

Mark showed us a great tool for the iPad, Adobe Scan. Make sure to check it out!

Marilyn showed us a great online tool for photo editing, PicMonkey.Give it a try for free!

Thanks for attending and we ill see you at our next meeting on October 21st!