February Meeting Notes

Here is a recap of our February meeting:

Announced our annual charitable donation of $250.00 going to the Tuscarawas County Humane Society. We will be a Silver Paw sponsor for their upcoming 10th Annual Cause for Paws event on March 3rd.

In other news we talked about Apple’s Q1 Financial Results, the iPhone 7 Repair Program and the MacUpdate Hack.

Our presentations were on Apple’s newest product, HomePod, we spent time on Evernote features and showed how to use their Templates and we talked extensively on keyboard shortcuts.

Our web page favorites were Radio Garden, Chordify and How Long to Read This. Very cool sites!

Thanks to those that attended and we look forward to seeing you for our March meeting on March 24th at 2:00pm.

January 2018 Meeting Notes

Our first meeting of the new year. Here is a recap:

We started with our news & industry updates.
The Apple $29 Battery Replacement Program.
The App Store kicks off 2018 with record breaking holiday season.
Apple pumps $350B into the economy.
The most powerful Mac to date, the iMac Pro.

Our presentation was on iMovie. Get the software today.

We looked at quite a few iOS apps:
Calm / Pocket / One Drive / Vivino / Scannable / Video Leap / Werble /

We did spend some time discussing database programs for the Mac – One mentioned was Ninox.

Our annual charitable donation is going to the Tuscarawas County Humane Society.

November Meeting Notes

Here are our notes from todays meeting.

In our industry news section we reviewed the following:
Apple’s Q4 Results.
Garageband for iOS Update.
Clips updated of the iPhone X with Selfie Scenes.
KRACK Wi-Fi Vulnerability. Thanks to Tidbits for this article!

Our web sites we reviewed:
Word Mark – see a word or phrase in all of the fonts on your system. Cool!
Music Map – Find artists that are similar to one that your like.
My Fridge Food – recipes for items that are in your fridge.

An iOS app that we looked at. Are you a foodie? This may be for you. Paprika.

We looked at a cool application on our field trip across the hall to Mark’s office.
Character Animator.

We spent quite a bit of time going over Mac OS Sierra 10.12 tips, tidbits and system preferences. Always good to review these periodically. I always pick something up when working on these presentations!

See you on December 16th for our Christmas get together. Have a happy Thanksgiving!