November Meeting Notes

Here are our notes from todays meeting.

In our industry news section we reviewed the following:
Apple’s Q4 Results.
Garageband for iOS Update.
Clips updated of the iPhone X with Selfie Scenes.
KRACK Wi-Fi Vulnerability. Thanks to Tidbits for this article!

Our web sites we reviewed:
Word Mark – see a word or phrase in all of the fonts on your system. Cool!
Music Map – Find artists that are similar to one that your like.
My Fridge Food – recipes for items that are in your fridge.

An iOS app that we looked at. Are you a foodie? This may be for you. Paprika.

We looked at a cool application on our field trip across the hall to Mark’s office.
Character Animator.

We spent quite a bit of time going over Mac OS Sierra 10.12 tips, tidbits and system preferences. Always good to review these periodically. I always pick something up when working on these presentations!

See you on December 16th for our Christmas get together. Have a happy Thanksgiving!


October Meeting Notes

Here is a recap of our meeting on October 21st.

News Update:
*October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Learn more st Stay Safe Online web site. Great resources and tips available on their web site.
*Apple’s News – iOS 11 is out with updates to 11.0.3, there will be new emojis released with iOS 11.1, Mac OS High Sierra is out, Apple Series 3 Watch is out, the iPhone 8 & 8 Plus are out, but, there are rumors that production has been cut as people are waiting on the new iPhone X, Watch OS 4 is updated to 4.0.1
*The Rumor Mill – FaceID only in 2018, iPhone Stylus in 2019, the Foldable Phone is 2020.

*Jeff Butts with The Mac Observer presented iMazing and iMazing Mini to manage your iPhone. You can catch up with Jeff on his podcast show Terminal Tinkering.
*Mark presented iOS 11 on his iPad, showing us some of the nuances and changes from iOS 10.
*Marilyn presented TV apps like Amazon Prime, Hulu, NetFlix, AppleTV and a few free options out there like PlutoTV and CW Seed.

We’ll see you at the November meeting!