August Meeting Notes

Thanks to those that attended the meeting. Interesting to say the least with connection issues, projector challenges, a power outage and software gremlins. Teaching and showing technology can have its pitfalls that’s for sure.Sorry, but we did not try Facebook Live today as planned with all of the unforeseen items. Maybe next month.

Here is a bonus link – In honor of World Photography Day, August 19!!
20 Fascinating Facts about Photography

Here is what we looked at today.

Apple Q3 Results
Apple’s New Emoji’s
Clips software featuring Disney & Pixar characters
VP of People, a new position at Apple
Apple’s $1B budget for new TV Content
iPhone 8 Rumors
Apple Watch LTE

Presentations today included the following Applications:
Waterfox – a lean web browser
SetApp – a subscription service for software applications.
Magnet – the Split Screen feature on steriods.
Elevate – Exercise your brain!
MagBak – an awesome iPhone case and mounting device.

We looked at great photo resources on the web:
Vectr – free graphics software used to create vector graphics easily and intuitively.

Here are four sites that offer free photos, license free!
Death to Stock Photo

We also reviewed Evernote for the web, desktop and mobile as well as looking at the quick entry Menu Bar icon and the browser Web Clipper. Click this link to get your copy of Evernote.

See you next month!!

June Meeting Notes

Thanks to those that attended the meeting on June 17th. Here are the notes from the meeting.

We covered some recent Apple news – Today at Apple Launches & the App Store.

The World Wide Develop Conference was held on June 5th and there was plenty of new things announced and previewed. We did a quick review of these. The new iPads, iOS 11 coming this fall, Apple’s new Homepod, updates to the iMac, Macbook and Macbook Pro line, the all-new iMac Pro, the next MacOS High Sierra and the new WatchOS 4. You can watch the entire keynote here.

Our three favorite web sites reviewed – Alltop, All My Faves and Screencasts Online

We did a quick session on working in the Mac OS Finder – download the MacLife Cheat Sheet here for those tips.

Marilyn reviewed some cool iPad software – Lumyer, Vont and Affinity Photo.

We also had fun experimenting with VR visors and software. We looked at the new Facebook Spaces. Apps that we used on our iPhones for the visors were – Cedar Point VR, Jaunt VR, Cardboard, Discovery VR, VR Diving and Mojo VR.

May Meeting Notes

Thanks to those that attended. We had a fun time and the gremlins were sure hanging around today regarding technology. Here are the notes from today:

We looked at the new Apple corporate offices being built. Check  out the drone video footage here.
We also reviewed the new Apple Store programs, Today at Apple. Check it out.
We talked about the Q2 results for Apple. Amazing numbers!

Regarding Mac OS and iOS software tips:
We looked at Kid-proofing your iPhone or iPad – Use the Guided Access (Settings –> General –> Accessibility –> Guided Access) feature or can use the iOS Restrictions (Settings –> General –> Restrictions). On the Mac OS we looked at Privacy settings regarding Location Services on your browser. We looked at Chrome, Firefox and Safari. You can get all of the details and specifics here.

On the demonstration side we looked at three software pieces, thanks Marilyn!!
We looked at Cinemagraph Pro, Ingage from Scrollmotion, and Enlight

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting on June 17th.

April Meeting Notes – We’re 15!!

We celebrated our 15th birthday today. We met for the very first time in April of 2002 at the Dover Public Library. We enjoyed cake and ice cream as usual.

Here are our meeting notes from today:

We reviewed the new Mac Pro –
We reviewed the new iPad 9.7″ –
Here is an Apple Insider review of the new iPad – click here.

We spent time on some cool iPhone 7 & iOS 10.3 tips
Genius Picks
Mastering Messages
Fantastic Photos

We spent time doing a demo on the new Clips app on the iPhone. It is an iOS 10.3 or higher app. We had fun messing with this new app. Check it out here.

We talked about the latest updates – MacOS Sirerra 10.12.4, iOS 10.3.1 & WatchOS 3.2

We’ll see you at our May meeting!!