Joe Kissell’s “Take Control of Dropbox”

Joe Kissell’s “Take Control of Dropbox” helps you learn and teach Dropbox. Here at Take Control, we’ve long been huge fans of the Dropbox file-sharing service, relying on it every day to collaborate on manuscripts with our authors and editors. Now we’re pleased to share our expertise with you in the form of Joe Kissell’s latest ebook, “Take Control of Dropbox.” The book normally costs $10, but the 30% MUG discount drops that to $7.

Learn more about the book via the coupon-loaded link.

Whether you’re already among the millions of people who sync and share files with Dropbox or you plan to join their ranks soon, Joe Kissell has the real-world advice you need to go beyond the basics. He shares the best practices for using Dropbox effectively and securely on your own or with a group, explains how to avoid common mistakes and irreversible settings, describes what’s involved with mobile devices and Dropbox-savvy apps, and tips you off to unusual uses of Dropbox.

Did you know you could use Dropbox to control your Mac, publish a blog, automate Web activities, sync with other cloud services, and even publish a book like this one? Perhaps you do know all that, but since Dropbox shines brightest when sharing files with friends and colleagues, we’ve included a “Teach This Book” chapter with links to a downloadable single-page PDF handout and an 18-slide PDF presentation that you can employ to help your collaborators use Dropbox correctly (and thus make your life easier). Other useful advice in “Take Control of Dropbox” includes how to:

* Recover an accidentally deleted or revised file. You’ll find help with a few non-obvious controls and a discussion of the Packrat option for Dropbox Pro users.
* Work with photos and videos in your Dropbox folder and learn how to share collections with Dropbox’s new photo album feature.
* Use Dropbox to store and automatically sync data used by Dropbox-savvy apps on all of your devices, whether they’re running Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows, or Linux. You’ll get a better idea of what’s going on behind the scenes and how to manage app authorizations.
* Check a few important account-related details to make sure you’re set up optimally. These include security settings and methods of getting more storage space.

Be sure to check out Joe’s short intro video on the book’s page!

Meeting Scheduled for Saturday, March 16th

Our monthly meeting is scheduled for this Saturday, March 16th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. We will be presenting iPhoto Part II as a follow up to our last meeting and a detailed overview of using Dropbox.

iphotodropbox-logoWe will be taking a look at some cool iOS apps for your iPhone or iPad, our favorite web sites and our usual Q & A session.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting. Guests are welcome to attend and enjoy our iMac meeting lab and Wi-Fi.