Save 50% in Take Control’s Back to School Sale thru August 25th

Whether August means back-to-school for you personally or you consider learning to be a lifetime endeavor, we’d like to make it easier for you to pick up new skills. Through August 25th, you can add any number of our ebooks to your Take Control library for 50% off the cover price. All our books are DRM-free and available in PDF, EPUB, and Mobipocket (Kindle) formats, so you can read wherever, whenever, and on whatever device you like.

We don’t expect you to read every Take Control title cover-to-cover; instead, each book has a Quick Start section that gives you a look into the book beyond the table of contents so you can jump instantly to the information you need.

Whether it’s dealing with passwords, upgrading your wireless network gear, getting a handle on Apple’s Pages word processor, automating repetitive tasks on your Mac, or finally writing your own book in Scrivener or iBooks Author, we have a title to help. We also have ebooks about iCloud, Mail, FileVault, iBooks, CrashPlan, PDFpen, TextExpander, setting up a paperless office, and more.

What can you learn from our expert authors? Tons. Here are some highlights:

* Passwords: Develop a secure password strategy that won’t slow down everyday activities, thanks to Joe Kissell’s best-selling “Take Control of Your Passwords.” Also don’t miss Joe’s “Take Control of 1Password,” about the popular 1Password 4 password manager.

* Wireless networking: Upgrade your wireless network with Glenn Fleishman’s “Take Control of Your Apple Wi-Fi Network.” The book will help you extend the range with multiple AirPort base stations, add USB drives and shared printers, enable security options, and more.

* Pages: Find in-depth guidance for using Apple’s Pages for all manner of word processing tasks and to create visually attractive, media-rich layouts. In Michael E. Cohen’s “Take Control of Pages” pre-book, you’ll find 200+ pages documenting Apple’s rewritten Pages 5 for Mac, iOS, and even iCloud. Since “Take Control of Pages” is in progress (Apple keeps making changes!), it’s available only via Leanpub, but you can still save 50% with this URL:

* Apple TV: Apple’s diminutive streaming media box is much more than a conduit to the iTunes Store. Find out how to play a wide variety of media and have more fun with “Take Control of Apple TV,” by Josh Centers.

* Podcasting: Start podcasting or improve your podcast with the recently updated third edition of Andy Affleck’s “Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac.”

* Dropbox: Enjoy a thorough look at how to use Dropbox — particularly the non-obvious bits — for file transfer and collaboration with Joe’s “Take Control of Dropbox.” (But don’t be deceived; as useful as Dropbox is, it does not a backup strategy make. The definitive word on backups remains Joe’s “Take Control of Backing Up Your Mac.”)

* iTunes: Manage your music collection and find your way around iTunes more effectively with Kirk McElhearn”s tips in “Take Control of iTunes 11: The FAQ,” where he answers oodles of questions about playing, ripping, buying, tagging, viewing, organizing, searching, syncing, sharing, and burning your music.

* Automation: Make working on your Mac less tedious, more accurate, and more easily repeated with “Take Control of Automating Your Mac,” also by Joe. (For even more Mac mojo, don’t miss his “Take Control of the Mac Command Line with Terminal.”)

So stock your Take Control library today with the titles that you’ve been wanting to read or that you think might become useful in the future — remember that we give readers minor updates for free, so your library can stay up to date throughout the year!

“Take Control of FileVault” explains how to protect your Mac’s data in the event of theft

Perish the thought, but if your Mac were stolen, would you worry about the thief — or whoever the Mac was fenced to — seeing your email, photos, financial data, and other sensitive information? OS X’s built-in FileVault encryption technology can ensure that your Mac’s contents are safe from prying eyes, but if you’re hesitant to entrust your data to FileVault before you understand how it works, “Take Control of FileVault” will dispel any misconceptions, answer your questions, and get you running FileVault with confidence. The book normally costs $10, but the 30% MUG discount drops that to $7. Learn more about the book and buy it via the coupon-loaded link below.

Security expert Joe Kissell begins by demystifying FileVault in a quick FAQ that explains, among other things, how it is that you can work with your startup drive normally even though all the data on it is encrypted. It also explains the distinction between today’s FileVault 2 and Legacy FileVault, which was completely different. After the FAQ, Joe provides detailed steps for activating and using FileVault on both your startup volume and external drives. He also explains how FileVault interacts with your backups and how to use Find My Mac to lock or wipe a stolen Mac’s drive once you’ve turned on FileVault.

Put bluntly, even ignoring personal data, if you have a MacBook that contains business data, such as customer names and addresses, credit card numbers, or the like, you should be enabling FileVault. Too many laptops are nicked from coffeeshops or left in cabs to risk leaving the drive unencrypted.

Additional topics include making and using encrypted disk images, third-party software that can encrypt just a single file or folder, and accessing special FileVault features from the command line.

Thank you for your support of our authors and the Take Control series!

cheers… -Adam & Tonya Engst, Take Control publishers

“Take Control of iCloud, Second Edition” solves iCloud confusions

Given how pervasive iCloud has become for Apple users, we’re particularly happy to bring you the second edition of Joe Kissell’s “Take Control of iCloud.” This title has helped over 10,000 Mac and iOS users since iCloud debuted in 2011. In it, Joe offers insight into what iCloud is trying to do, while providing steps for key procedures and advising you on the best real-world techniques for integrating iCloud’s many services into your computer life. The 142-page book covers OS X 10.9 Mavericks, iOS 7, Apple TV, Windows, and the latest versions of the iCloud Web apps. It normally costs $15, but the 30% MUG discount drops that to $10.50. Learn more about the book and purchase via the coupon-loaded link below.

This new edition is overflowing with up-to-date iCloud advice for you, whether you are flat-out confused by iCloud, need help integrating iCloud Keychain into your password-management strategy, are running into the confusing limitations with iCloud Photos, or want to understand how iCloud syncs files like those from Pages or Keynote between your Mac and iPad.

“As someone who hadn’t invested a lot of time in setting up iCloud before,
I found this book very informative — particularly the information about
managing multiple iCloud accounts and the Photos section. Thanks!” —Kelly

Joe walks you through getting started with iCloud (whether you have one or more iCloud accounts), and then explains the key aspects — and hidden gotchas — of iCloud’s core features, all while helping you understand why it might not match your expectations. Among the many features Joe covers are working with Apple’s media stores, iTunes Match, My Photo Stream, iCloud Photo Sharing, Documents in the Cloud, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, iCloud Keychain, Find My iPhone/iPad/Mac, Find My Friends, and iOS backups.

You’ll also find the answers to questions such as:

* What if I have more than one Apple ID?
* How can I use multiple iCloud accounts without messing things up?
* What if I want to use both a third-party password manager and iCloud Keychain?
* How do I share calendars with people who are not using iCloud?
* What if I want to make my contacts available on my spouse’s iPhone?
* How quickly should I expect iCloud to sync my data?
* How do I configure my email software to use my iCloud email address?
* How do I add photos to My Photo Stream from Windows?
* How does Dropbox’s Camera Uploads feature compare to My Photo Stream?
* Where does my Mac store documents that I save in iCloud?
* How can I configure my AirPort Extreme to work with Back to My Mac?

Joe Kissell’s “Take Control of Dropbox”

Joe Kissell’s “Take Control of Dropbox” helps you learn and teach Dropbox. Here at Take Control, we’ve long been huge fans of the Dropbox file-sharing service, relying on it every day to collaborate on manuscripts with our authors and editors. Now we’re pleased to share our expertise with you in the form of Joe Kissell’s latest ebook, “Take Control of Dropbox.” The book normally costs $10, but the 30% MUG discount drops that to $7.

Learn more about the book via the coupon-loaded link.

Whether you’re already among the millions of people who sync and share files with Dropbox or you plan to join their ranks soon, Joe Kissell has the real-world advice you need to go beyond the basics. He shares the best practices for using Dropbox effectively and securely on your own or with a group, explains how to avoid common mistakes and irreversible settings, describes what’s involved with mobile devices and Dropbox-savvy apps, and tips you off to unusual uses of Dropbox.

Did you know you could use Dropbox to control your Mac, publish a blog, automate Web activities, sync with other cloud services, and even publish a book like this one? Perhaps you do know all that, but since Dropbox shines brightest when sharing files with friends and colleagues, we’ve included a “Teach This Book” chapter with links to a downloadable single-page PDF handout and an 18-slide PDF presentation that you can employ to help your collaborators use Dropbox correctly (and thus make your life easier). Other useful advice in “Take Control of Dropbox” includes how to:

* Recover an accidentally deleted or revised file. You’ll find help with a few non-obvious controls and a discussion of the Packrat option for Dropbox Pro users.
* Work with photos and videos in your Dropbox folder and learn how to share collections with Dropbox’s new photo album feature.
* Use Dropbox to store and automatically sync data used by Dropbox-savvy apps on all of your devices, whether they’re running Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows, or Linux. You’ll get a better idea of what’s going on behind the scenes and how to manage app authorizations.
* Check a few important account-related details to make sure you’re set up optimally. These include security settings and methods of getting more storage space.

Be sure to check out Joe’s short intro video on the book’s page!

Take Control of Your iPad, Second Edition

We’re pleased to bring you our latest ebook, “Take Control of Your iPad, Second Edition,” written by our intrepid editor-in-chief Tonya Engst to help you get more delight from any iPad running iOS 6. Although this guide has something for nearly any iPad user, some advanced iPad users may not see it as necessary – but if that’s true of you, we bet you know someone who does need it. So, as you’ll see below, we think that you should buy a copy and share it with a less-geeky friend or relative. (Encouraging sharing? From a book publisher? Can you imagine!) The book normally costs $15, but the 30% MUG discount drops that to $10.50. Learn more about the book via the coupon-loaded link below.

Why, you may ask, put significant effort into completing a 226-page ebook that’s guaranteed to be obsolete in a year? Tonya has struggled with that question over the past weeks, particularly as she sat down to write each weekend day for the last month.

What she realized is that the answer is a single word: Delight. She wants you – and your close friend or relation – to be delighted with the iPad. Many people can use the iPad well enough, but aren’t having the amazing experience they should be. They sell themselves short. They can’t find their stuff. They scroll laboriously when they could tap to navigate. They put up with a cacophony of noisy notifications. They miss important email messages. They watch video on the iPad when they could stream it to an Apple TV. They need help… even if they don’t realize that they do.

You may already be delighted with your iPad. But, maybe you still want a good reference book. Or, perhaps you’re aware that there’s always more to learn. Either way, this ebook has answers.

We’re doing something a little different with “Take Control of Your iPad, Second Edition.” Consider your purchase a two-fer. Buy “Take Control of Your iPad, Second Edition” for yourself, but make a copy and give it to the less-geeky person in your life who _really_ needs it. We’re serious about this – our goal is to help people with technology, and the best way we know to do that is to get them to read what we write.

Here’s a sampling of the many ways this ebook aims to increase iPad delight:

* Remind yourself of the fun four- and five-fingered gestures.
* Sort out the many different ways to turn down the volume.
* Start using Siri to tell your iPad what to do (introduced-in-2012 iPads only).
* Fill out your “card” in Contacts and autofill your contact info when shopping.
* Create a calendar – and share it with other people.
* Finally get iTunes syncing working the way you want it to.
* Use the easy drag-down Notification Center – and even tweet from it.
* Explore iTunes U – it’s like going to college, but without the deadlines.
* Sync Safari tabs, read later items, and bookmarks with iCloud.
* Get expert tips for a successful Home screen organization.
* Lull yourself to sleep with an audio recording, and wake to your favorite music.