“Take Control of the Cloud” cuts through the cloud hype

True or false? Stormy weather can interfere with cloud computing.

Apart from a lightning strike or falling branch cutting power, no, it can’t, but 51% of Americans believe it can, and another 29% of respondents in a 2012 survey thought the Cloud has something to do with an actual cloud. It’s not surprising, since marketers tout everything from word processors to TVs as being cloud-enabled, cloud-friendly, cloud-this, cloud-that.

Joe Kissell is fed up with such hazy claims, and he sets the record straight in “Take Control of the Cloud,” pinning down nebulous cloud concepts, helping you evaluate claims about cloud services, and explaining how to enhance your privacy and security in the Cloud. This approachable book is a quick and easy read, helping you make sense of what the Cloud is all about without bogging down in instantly obsolete step-by-step instructions. The book normally costs $10, but the 30% MUG discount drops that to $7. Learn more about the book via the coupon-loaded link below.

So what, exactly, is the Cloud, and how can you make smart decisions about which cloud services to use and how to set them up? Joe cuts to the chase with 18 FAQs to answer the most common questions (see below), after which he helps you understand the major types of cloud services, explains the difference between cloud storage and cloud syncing, and looks at useful and popular cloud apps. Then he tackles the tough issues, explaining what you can do to enhance your privacy and security, how to evaluate different cloud providers, and how to back up your cloud-based data in case the provider goes dark. If you remain uncomfortable with handing your data over to cloud services, Joe walks you through the basics of creating your own personal cloud – it requires more work, expense, and maintenance, but you remain in control at all times.