May 18th Meeting Recap

We held a very informative meeting and covered OS X Tips & Tricks on dealing with special characters, hard drive cleanup and spotlight search features. Marilyn gave a fantastic presentation on Keynote for Mac, for the iPad and then Keynote Remote app using the iPad and the iPhone.

We also saw a few iOS apps that were very well received, Photofunia and Vinylize Me.

Who said you can’t have a meeting without some great food to munch on. We had some Creative Cake Bites to enjoy for our meeting today.

TCMUG Meeting 05182013

May 18th Monthly Meeting

We are having our monthly meeting on Saturday, May 18th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. We will be covering Apple’s own Keynote software for the computer, the iPad and remote.keynote_app_icon

We will also have another session on Mac Tips and Tricks, favorite and informative web sites and much more.

Look forward to seeing you at this meeting.