iCloud Visual Quickstart Guide Review

iCloud, 2nd Edition – A Visual Quickstart Guide by Tom Negrino

Now that virtually everything is moving to the cloud, those in the Apple community should embrace their own iCloud. The iCloud Quickstart Guide will get you right into using iCloud.

You are presented with a Contents at a Glance page which is nice to be able to identify any specific area that you want to investigate and there is also a very detailed 2-page table of contents that offer some very specific bullet points.

The book starts off with a chapter titled – ‘Getting Started with iCloud’. This does give you the 10,000 foot view of what is iCloud. It is a great overview of the features, applications and even what’s missing from MobileMe. I even offers great alternatives to iCloud. This chapter also offers simple set up instructions to help you get up and running with iCloud.

The following chapters cover using the Apple application with iCloud. The applications that are covered in this are:

Mail, Notes & Messages
Calendars & Reminders
Backing Up
Remote Activity

You will find some very detailed instructions as well as pictures and graphics that make it really easy to understand and follow up. This book will become an essential reference guide that you will come back to many times.

Once last takeaway that I felt was very impactful was that you also have the option to download a free eBook. In the book you will get an access code that allows you to download the book. You do have to set up an account at Peachpit Press to gain access to the book, but, gaining the account access was a simple process and there was a nice security feature with email verification.

If you are looking for concise steps to take advantage of iCloud this book is a great start. Enjoy!!