April 19th Meeting Notes

Here is the information and related links from our meeting today.

Animix app is an unique way to breathe the life into your photos.

Focus 2 and Focus 2 Pro help you highlight the most important subjects on your photos.

Heartbleed Bug – is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. Use Last Pass to check the sites that you’ve entrusted with your information. Check out this infographic to see how the Heartbleed bug works.

Heartbleed bug: Check which sites have been patched. CNET compiled a list of the top 100 sites across the Web, and checked to see if the Heartbleed bug was patched. Here is the Mashable article.

Happy 12th birthday to our MUG!! Thanks for attending today and the cake & ice cream was a bonus.

Today’s Meeting to Celebrate our 12th Birthday!!

We are meeting today and will be celebrating our 12th birthday!! We will have the customary cake and ice cream to help with our celebration.

We will be looking at Animix and Focus 2 photo software, iBooks Author and the Mac App Store. We will also be spending time talking about the Heartbleed Bug and how to protect yourself.