May Meeting Notes

Notes from our meeting today:

We reviewed Google web-based application Sheets using the iPhone and web versions. Took a quick look at Google Drive as well that syncs all that together. We took a quick look at the new Apple store design and the upcoming WWDC in June.

Our web site resources were Mashable, Lifehacker and Alltop.

We look at a few cool iOS apps – Snapseed and Photoshop Fix.

We also spent time on Chrome Extensions. Visit the Chrome Web Store. We looked at One Tab, Black Menu, Copy All URL’s, Extensity, Google Dictionary, Google Drive Quick Create, Speak It, URL Shortener, Print Friendly in PDF and Read & Write. Great add-ons to Chrome.

On a side note we looked at a few random items – Pancake Bot and Plastc.

See you at the June 18th meeting.