May Meeting Notes

Thanks to those that attended. We had a fun time and the gremlins were sure hanging around today regarding technology. Here are the notes from today:

We looked at the new Apple corporate offices being built. Check  out the drone video footage here.
We also reviewed the new Apple Store programs, Today at Apple. Check it out.
We talked about the Q2 results for Apple. Amazing numbers!

Regarding Mac OS and iOS software tips:
We looked at Kid-proofing your iPhone or iPad – Use the Guided Access (Settings –> General –> Accessibility –> Guided Access) feature or can use the iOS Restrictions (Settings –> General –> Restrictions). On the Mac OS we looked at Privacy settings regarding Location Services on your browser. We looked at Chrome, Firefox and Safari. You can get all of the details and specifics here.

On the demonstration side we looked at three software pieces, thanks Marilyn!!
We looked at Cinemagraph Pro, Ingage from Scrollmotion, and Enlight

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting on June 17th.

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